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Bournemouth Fans - Time They Got Real

Ever since Bournemouth gained promotion to league 1 there has been plenty of talk about the south coasts 'second rate` derby, and plenty of discussion ahead of what is to be some exciting derby matches over the season.

Bournemouth fans are perhaps more excited than us about such a matchup, and who can blame them for wanting to get one over on us. However, it seems to me that they have got so hyped up about an upset that they are 'looking forward to stuffing us`.

It seems to me that they have got a little ahead of themselves and forgot just who they are and who they are facing, and yes they are in for a shock but not the one they are hoping for. Time this lot got a reality check - Southampton style.

There are teams in league 1 who have the pedigree to beat us most definitely, the likes of Wednesday and Plymouth are certainly equals and will push us all the way this year. Bournemouth however? They may have determination and pedigree but what else do they have?

Squads - the difference in ability between both teams is quite startling. We narrowly missed out on the playoffs last year and have last years top goal scorer in the country heading a strong attack.

What do they have? The best they have to answering Lamberts impressive form is Brett Pitman, a youth team prospect who finished as one of the top goal scorers in league 2. He has also attracted the interest of many clubs and could leave before the start of the season.

But can he be a competent striker in this league? Playing against sides that have been relegated from the championship and possess championship class players is a little different to 'Lincoln` away.

Just a thought before they get their hopes up too much.

I guess they can place their hopes of not only beating us but staying up as well on Steve Fletcher, a 37 year old league 1 journeyman who has only scored 15 goals in the last 4 years, or maybe on new signing Steve Lovell who signed from the mighty Partick Thistle and has managed 11 goals over the last 2 years.

Looking at those attacking options I can`t see them even surviving in this league, and beating us? It would be one hell of an upset.

I wonder then what our midfield of Hammond, Schneiderlin, Lallana and Puncheon will be facing when Bournemouth come to SMS, well there`s not much class in this part of the field either with a mix of inexperienced lower league youngsters and youth team rejects.

The likes of Danny Hollands who was released by Chelsea before being snapped up by Bournemouth in 06 has been impressive in league 2, but has not shown any real snippets of league 1 quality.

Liam Feeney joined Bournemouth from non-league Salisbury in February and severely lacks in league 1 experience, with a total of one loan appearance for Southend as his only playing time at this level.

Inexperienced players who are not proven league 1 performers will be up against the Saint`s finest, Dean Hammond has years of experience in this league and has the ability to break up the game in the middle of the park, Morgan Schneiderlin has been linked with Newcastle in recent seasons as well as the ever skilful Adam Lallana.

Again you have to ask yourself how they expect a team of youngsters and has beens to avoid the inevitable relegation dogfight that will face them this year, with little experience of playing at this level I`m afraid their optimism will be dashed.

Defensively there is no contest, again the Bournemouth line up in this part of the field consists of former youth teamers at Premiership clubs who never made the grade anywhere else, the likes of Ryan Garry have failed to go beyond the bottom of the lower leagues since being released from Arsenal.

Even the clubs match captain, who is supposed to be a leader on the field is vastly inexperienced at the age of 22, a loan to Woking followed by a move to league 1, and once again has failed to show any promise of going up the leagues.

When you put that against our own defence? We have the likes of Jose Fonte who is a proven championship centre half, a player who could have moved to any club in the championship chose to join us on the sunny south coast, other experienced defenders like Radhi Jaidhi and Danny Butterfield complete a defence that could easily hold its own in the championship.

Perhaps they are buoyed by Brightons achievements rather than the quality of the teams? Though they would be foolish to forget that Brighton have a squad of vastly seasoned players who have been together for some time, they would also be foolish to forget that Brighton have a decent manager at the helm.

What about Eddie Howe you ask? He`s supposed to be a decent up and coming manager, or another word for someone who has failed to prove himself at any level higher than league 2, sure he won the club promotion from league 2 but that doesn`t make him a great manager at any level.

His recent success is countered by his lack of management experience and time in this game, when you compare him to our very own Alan Pardew? It`s obvious that Pards has the advantage in terms of managing successful clubs and players.

AP is an FA cup finalist manager and player who has managed in the Premier League, championship, and league 1.

Eddie Howe on the other hand? He has had a somewhat unfortunate playing career with injuries leading to his eventual retirement and early move into management, he has achieved success within his 2 years at Bournemouth but does that make him a top lower league manager? Certainly not.

And with that in mind you have to ask yourself, who has the upper hand on dealing with pressure, Pardew has been in charge and faced the pressures of the South Coast derby and the pressures of leading a Premiership underdog to a cup final, as a player he has faced pressure also as an FA cup finalist.

Howe`s greatest pressure was being a journeyman between clubs in a short and unsuccessful career, and managing in the lowest division in the football league - hardly the same.

And to end this article there is a message to Bournemouth fans -

If any of you are reading this and I`m sure you are, this is not fuelled by any personal hatred of your club or your fans, in fact I understand exactly why you want to beat us and your club has gone through a lot. But to say that you will beat us? And to say that you will 'stuff` us as some of your fans have been saying?

It`s time you lot got real, we are a side who will be right at the top and we have the pedigree and ability to go all the way, your side may have done well in league 2 but that means nothing now, and the best you can hope for is a very lucky upset and a tough fight in this division.

All the best for the season - just don`t get your hopes up too much for this match...

because the Saint's are coming for you.

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Army Comrade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 19 2010

Time: 5:22PM

Your Comments

That's an awfully long article about a club you lot supposedly don't care about.
The majority of AFCB fans are realistic about our prospects. Not many of us really think we will stuff you but win or lose, we will give you a decent game. We have the players here to survive in this league.. several of the players relegated from League 1 in 2008 only due to a 10 point deduction are still here (and the crap manager we had then has gone). We have added players who did well in L2 last season, and will hopefully do well this season in what should be a better footballing division than L2. It will be tough, but I believe that we have the ability to survive reasonably comfortably in this division. Good luck for the season (bar Aug 10, Oct 2 and Mar 12 of course!)
You lost me with some of your incorrect facts, typos and poor grammatical construction.
Hang on DJ. Who said we don't care? Yes it is a bit on the long side but it would be nice to hear how you think you will stuff us. Unless of course it is just a load of hot air.
To add to that... if trying to keep the team you supported as a boy from dropping out of the League and into almost certain oblivion a la Chester isn't pressure, then I don't know what is.
Having had the misfortune of living in Southampton I've been told numerous times by your lot that you don't care about us and we're just the little club down the road. Now all of a sudden we get pages of inaccurate waffle trying to discredit us.
Help me understand the purpose of this article? I do not see the Bournemouth game as anything other than another game and we do not have the same view of our rivalry as they do. Let them big it up if they want - why get so childish about our team's better than yours....of course ours is better but they have done well given their circumstances so just relax
Natural Order Resume
DJ - The amount of times I've heard things like ''I cant wait till we play them and stuff them at their place'' and other comments of the same ilk, and its a hell of a lot of talking for a club who's squad neither has the capabilities or pedigree to beat a side of our quality unless its an upset.
Red army comrade
I believe we have the team to achieve promotion this season. But to rubbish Bournemouth before the season has started is a bit foolish in the extreme. To achieve promotion under their circumstances was nothing short of amazing.They did it despite a transfer embargo,and to sometimes only being able to field 3 subs in some games. Eddie Howe did a brilliant job last season and I think they will suprise a lot of teams this season.
Natural Order Resume - the reason for doing an article about Bournemouth is for 2 reasons, firstly we are going to play them in the carling cup in the second game of the season, and therefore a 'preview' article was due. The reason for the hostility? because Bournemouth fans have become increasingly arrogant about their teams chances, and this article is about reminding them that we are not going to lay down and let them capitalise...
Red army comrade
Legod7 - their promotion from league 2 was a great achievement, but League 1 is a whole new ball game with several clubs who could survive in the championship if not thrive... league 2 and league 1 are very different in many aspects, foolish in the extreme? maybe I am setting myself up for a very big fall! but Bournemouth have become very cocky recently and they are setting themselves up for just as big a fall.
Red army comrade
I remember when Fletch was 33
Cherry_brandy - thanks for pointing out that error, Bournemouth not being my club as well as little in terms of internet sites with the exact details means that a few numbers are perhaps different, the fact that 3 websites had 3 different ages for him...
Red army comrade
I don't know how you think of Bournemouth Natural Order Resume but I fancy they will give us a good tight game. The cup game will be but their second game and a few Cherry fans have been bigging it up. that said I still think we will win.....The purpose of any article is to reach someone who will respond. Bringing people to this site whether to celebrate a good win or talk about the prospecs is all the same......The way I see it is this. Some Bournemouth fans(the minority) say they are going to stuff us. They are hardly going to say that they will get stuffed themselves now are they?.......Us on the other hand haved fans who think we are way and above superior to them. We are still a club with star players and will walk this league..... Opinion is just that. You have yours and others will disagree. What is new?
Thanks...that's Eddie's team talk done for him. Enlarge that and put it on the dressing room door.
I love it. We have a range of individuals here and most are responding to a headline and article with regard a game soon to be played.......Legod7 I agree wholeheartedly with you. Their performance last season was in my book the outstanding team performance of the season. They responded valiantly to all that was thrown in their path and overcame the obstacles. Their manager did a tremendous job and could be a fantastic manager in the making. Only time will tell. I also think that given a reasonable start they could finish top half. For them with their finances that would be an achievement. IMHO
SFC Forever
shg funny thing is it should not be required surely. You are about to play the great southern team from down the road. With your fans all revved up the players will pick up the vibes. We will be expecting a team fired up by amongst other things our stadium.
What a stupid article. If this was a comment on a messageboard, then fair enough, but articles like this come across as arrogant. It is this sort of rubbish that actually does make Bournemouth fans anti-Saints. Hopefully this will be pinned up on the dressing room walls just to fire them up. From a footballing side this 'journo' clearly needs to consider hanging up his keyboard.
Boscombe Cherry
Boscombe - Firstly thanks for the nice comments! this is not the sort of thing that we usually post up as articles and normally we go for much different stuff, but I decided to cut the 'journalistic' twists and take things to the bluntest of the blunt... as an article that was written fairly quickly and to a deadline it isn't the most detailed and doesn't delve into points with massive paragraphs, but the points of the article are still there and this was more an exercise to get people debating on those points than just reading the article - putting up a blunt picture and letting people think for themselves.
Red army comrade
Boscombe Cerry if as you say this was a comment on a message board you start moaning about the length of it regardless, or at least some would. We have on your own site cherries slagging of the scummers. Highly original name that. Do you think you are our great rivals Pompey? Now for you to start calling us by other than Saints as a name is more derogatory than one of us saying that we are going to teach you a bloody lesson. Time for you to stop making out you are something you are not.
Can I join in? This article for me has none of the usual read between the lines stuff. It is in your face and has got a result from both sets of fans. I am amused by some of the Cherries responses because they maon but fail to come up with a reasoned argument to disprove the article.
sorry maon supposed to be moan.
Isn't life funny. Here we have posters jumping to complain because of a tongue in cheek article. below this is an article which Bournemouth fans should be more concerned with. I say this because if HMRC get what they want and all clubs have other bills included in taxable income/expenditure they will possibly hit another fincial mess.
Welcome to the debate everyone, though it looks like its gone a bit quiet! Yes this article isn't the sort of thing that usually gets put up, its a bare bone article without the usual journalism, and yes its direct and 'in your face'... but as we are part of an independent network we can be much more blunt about these things than the newspapers.
Red army comrade
.... Had to respond, great article Red Army Comrade, reading through the post's its good to hear from both sides, hopefully this will be an excellent season for the Saints, Cherries who call us 'Scummers' need to wake up and show a little bit of respect !!! - You will always be in the shadow, as will the Skates of SAINTS, we fear no - one ..... absolutely no - one !!!
I guess it must be hard for them, being not only in the shadow of the Saint's, but being in the shadow of the blue few down the road! for them its not even a competition to become the number 1 team in Hampshire, its about trying to become 'number 2', and even that's impossible for them! and when Lambert fires home and the Bournemouth crowd sits down and sulks... they will realise just why they are the number 3 team in Hampshire!
Red army comrade
just one problem with that is the fact they are no longer Hampshire.
My mistake Vsrednwhite - Just wiki'd it and they're in Dorset, I would say they are the third best in the south, but you would be adding Reading, Plymouth, Exeter, and some other teams to the mix!
Red army comrade
At the moment they will be in the mix to be rated 2nd 3rd or 4th south coast team
DJ there will be those that do and those that don't. I am among those that do, hence my frequent visits to your site. I have seen things on there that annoy but refrained from replying in kind. If there are so many errors perhaps you could enlighten those of us that are unaware of them. It would help no end.
SFC Forever
Well, ghg picked up on a good point about HMRC, if they do what they say they are going to do, Bournemouth could well be back in trouble (again!), and with Portsmouth's financial demise we would become one of few south coast sides who aren't on the descent!
Red army comrade
possibly the most one sided biased article ever written!!! if your players take that kind of arrogance into the game you may be in for a surprise. Were not world beaters and have never claimed to be. i'm sure all 3 games next season will be close ones. I think we might be a bit better and have a bit more quality than this article suggests. Were in the same division on merit.....nuff said
Not any more one sided than most of the stuff on your boards, a lot of Bournemouth fans continually talking about how they can't wait to get their revenge and get their own back etc etc, isn't that a little one sided? we just took those comments and turned it right back on you, difference is we have the squad that is able to actually carry out the task of ''stuffing'' you.
Red army comrade
nevillez it might appear one sided but it is trying to high-light the way some of your fans have been saying how you will give us a good stuffing. If you think you have something to offer please explain. Is it the teamwork? Have you found a way to stop our goal machine? Tell us where you will hurt us because right now I don't think you have enough to to that. that is my opinion but you think differently, why?
SFC Forever
We will only be in trouble with HMRC if we don't keep up to date paying them, and with new League rules as I understand it, we won't be able to get behind with paying them for too long. Don't be too quick to diss Pearce and Garry. Garry looked a class act in League 1 before suffering a long term injury at Brentford, and then suffered another the season we got relegated. He stayed fit for much of last season and again looked a class act. If we sign Rhoys Wiggins (from Norwich) who did an excellent job for us on loan at LB, and Shaun Cooper is fit again after long term injury to play at RB, our first choice defence looks good enough at this level. Incidentally, Feeney joined us in Jan 2009, so has had 18 months with us. He was carrying an injury for much of last season but had to play thanks to the transfer embargo. Hopefully he will be flying again this season.
This nevillez is a saints based forum. We feel we are on the way back to the top tier. We also don't fear you. So why is that arrogant? Why can posters on your site say things biased towards the Cherries which for you is acceptable but we can't on our behalf? Some of us are confidently expecting to beat you. Some of you feel the same way and some feel that you are going to stuff us. Are they being cocky or arrogant?
Jim_AFCB - Maybe I was quick to disrespect Pearce and Garry, but Pearce is still a very young centre back with little experience in terms of being a seasoned league 1 player, Garry sounds injury prone from what you're saying and if he gets another injury do you have anyone competent enough to replace him? we have a player who was in the first team at Palace in the championship and whom was linked with plenty of clubs such as Sheffield United, namely Jose Fonte, we also have backup like Seaborne and Butterfield who scored a hat trick against Premiership Wolves in the Carling cup. With all due respect Jim, the quality of players is very different. Could you survive? anything is possible in the lower leagues, but teams like Tranmere and Brentford are stronger teams than you would think from the off....
Red army comrade
Jim we don't intend to diss(?) anyone. The whole deal with a debate is for you to come back from our stance with a response. When we talk about our players we talk from seeing them week in week out. You are able to talk about yours in the same way. So, who do you feel will be the biggest danger to us?
Pitman is obviously the biggest threat. A lot will depend on how much service he gets, and how well the midfielders/wide players gel. The early signs are good on that score, however we're starting to see injuries rearing their ugly head again with Symes and Fletcher injured and Hollands needs a hernia op, so guess we'll have to see how things pan out. Of course your squad will be much stronger than ours given the relative resources available to us, and yes a number of our players are untried at this level. Untried does not = incapable however, and given that those we have brought in from non-League have managed the step-up fine with a season and a half at L2, I think they are ready for the next step up. Time will tell.
"as an article that was written fairly quickly and to a deadline it isn't the most detailed and doesn't delve into points with massive paragraphs " Really, I couldn't have guessed;-) Most of us don't hate you as you seem to believe, but I look forward to your 'blunt' comments if you can't beat us.
Boscombe Cherry
Pitman we all know about and if he scores anywhere near as many as last season he will do well in this league. A lot of people seem to forget that som teams come up from the 2nd div and have a good go at going straight through our league before the bubble bursts. Your keeper has had good write ups and may also win points for you. ...... I agree about the untried but I think until tested they will always be classed as that. No matter who they play for. Remember two years ago we tried to play with a complete team of unplayed youngsters and look where it got us.
Boscombe - I don't believe that you hate us, at least not all of you, I believe that you are setting yourselves up for a big fall in some of your comments, and if you do win in an upset then so be it... but you are the underdogs and to think that you will thrash us is well out of line. the article wasn't the sort of article we normally post in the respect that I decided to put the points out there and let people discuss for themselves, sure some of the stats were a little off pace but there is little in terms of reputable information sites. Don't say I should have asked you lot for the exact age of one of your defenders because I would have been inundated with 'scummer' remarks - which as quite rightly stated by another poster on here is something you stole from the blue few! so in that respect this is more of a front page thread than an article.
Red army comrade
Boscombe Cherry as the game draws closer and the pre-season results are known both sides will be getting ever more prepared for the result to be known. We will be here and if pushed I would say you won't win. The result may disagree and if it does so be it. I for one just don't feel it will be us who lose.
I think I've explained that A LOT, sorry for those who have to keep reading the reason but it seems as if some just keep on asking. Most of the Bournemouth team are new to league 1 football, that and the injuries as well as the financial position all adds up.
Red army comrade
I have been busyish with a sick kid tonight but do think some of the comments are merely posters taking a cheap shot at something they disagree with. I have seen very little of your team but that said I would/will be very disappointed if we lose to you in a few weeks time. It may not be 100% fair reasoning on my behalf but I am used to being above you in the league and some of thatwill rub off. Wrong maybe but that is how it is for a good few off us I would expect ..................................... As stated I would be upset but I would still go on to your board to congratulate you and your side. That is what we are supposed to do isn't it. I say we will totally destroy anybody we meet and they say the same will be happening to us.
SFC Forever
"I believe that you are setting yourselves up for a big fall in some of your comments" I should have written that about this article. Looking forward to the game and you are doing a great job of firing everyone up down here :-)
Boscombe Cherry
At the end of the day that is what we want. Last season we had a few sets of fans that were so quiet we could have been forgiven for thinking they didn't care. . . . . I am looking forward to your visit because we will have a good atmosphere with your lot really up for it. Banter should be good and I am expecting a wide open game which will give both sets of fans a good feeling.
"Most of the Bournemouth team are new to league 1 football" Apart from Jalal, Garry, Cooper, Pearce, Bartley, Pitman, Hollands, Bradbury, Cummings, Fletcher, Pugh, Purches and Symes.
Just out of curiosity how highly do you rate Jalal? I hear he might be able to play at a higher level. Some of those you have listed we will know and have to admit could be very good in this league.
SFC Forever
It's very flattering of you lot to care so much as to write up a piece like this, but please do get your facts right in future. Vitals is meant to be a news network after all, i.e. factual.
Jalal was quality last year, and many fans from across league 2 said he was better than Schmeichel. I also agree there are some mistakes that could be found rather easily. I'm looking forward to the game in August, should be a good atmosphere. Quality players from higher leagues don't neccessarily pan out as you want. We signed a certain Paul Telfer from then Champions League Celtic. With you lack of pace which some fans go on about (not sure how true this is, but looking at your back line could well be very true) then Pugh, Arter, McQuoid and Feeney are going to have a field day. You should be stronger than us, however, I'm happy being written off it works best for us. As someone said we have plenty of players that have played in this league along with some young exciting talent. Do I think we are better than four other teams in this league? Yes. Dag & Red, Rochdale, County, Exeter, Yeovil, Oldham, Carlisle, Hartlepool are all teams we could finish ahead of. Could we compete with the likes of Brentford and Brizzle Rovers and flirt with play offs? If we keep our players fit then why not? I think if you fail to get promoted it will be a poor season. Realistically, for us, I think anywhere between 10th and 15th, but survival is most important. Leeds,Sheff Wed, Forest, QPR, Leeds all have taken this league for granted and spent seasons down here, one thing is for certain, every team will want to beat you, not just us. One thing for sure is, we are in the same league on merit, you are our closest league game (therefore relative rivals), havn't played you for ages, of course some cherries are going to be over excited. I expect 3 very close games that could go either way.
BS_8 thanks for that. We have a bit of pace developing at the back but no real speed merchants. We do have a good shot stopper who has helped win us a few matches. I would expect a back four of Butterfield,Fonte,Jaidi and Dickson. Butterfield we have only seen play once as I write. Dickson if selected in front of first choice Harding, last season, must have more to offer. In managers eyes at least. The tteams we struggled most against last season were the dour strong sides that most other teams could beat. Tranmere for example, but forget their position last season because they had such a terrible start. Like you I can see you finishing mid table and have stated 10th to 14th on your site. Closer to the game I will be doing a match preview and hopefully we won't need to try a stunt like we did last night o garner some responses.
SFC Forever
SFC speaks well as we will hopefully be stronger than last season. If we had been bought a month earlier we might even have been able to win promotion last season. As it is this season anything less than automatic promotion will be seen as a failure. The 5 year plan as directed by our leader will not be on schedule.
''"Most of the Bournemouth team are new to league 1 football" Apart from Jalal, Garry, Cooper, Pearce, Bartley, Pitman, Hollands, Bradbury, Cummings, Fletcher, Pugh, Purches and Symes. regvarney'''' - they hardly did well last time though did they, sure the -10 led to your relegation in the end but there was a reason you were near the bottom, the same as any club who is lower in the division, and looking at the ages of your players its clear that some of them have not had those years playing in this league, and those who are experienced clearly didn't light up the division. Blackpool players are currently 'premiership' players but that doesn't mean they will make an impact. You have a cash strapped squad and not huge amounts of depth and for that reason alone I can see this year as being a real fight for you guys. Northstandmark - excuse me for not being an expert on AFC Bournemouths players and when there is little in terms of reputable information around its very difficult, and the errors in the article were soon edited.
Red army comrade
Bournemouth will have the energy of the new season with the impetus gained from their promotion last year. We will have a team that is expected to storm all baricades and surmount all possible banan skins. There will be games that we lose when perhaps on paper we are the better team. Paper does not win games though, only the heart of the team and the effort and skill. I expect us to win our home games and to pick up points away from home. This being a cup game is slightly different as neither side will have the pressure of needing the points and I can see a good entertaining game with us just shading it. Opinions though are different from facts.
SFC Forever
It's arrogant in a sense that you've just made the assmption that league 1 is miles better than league 2. I think I can safely say (having seen us in hundreds of L1 games in the past) the difference between a good L2 and average L1 is next to nothing, nd w've strengthened over the summer, we've ony been away 2 years, it cant have changed that much. Fair point this is a saints post for saints fans and it annoys me even when people say were gonne stuff you (we only stuffed one team in the whole of last season after all) as I recongnise you have a very strong side. Our 'sucess' is built on hard working team ethic, never say die attitude, spot on tactics and assured, we have plenty. If you don't believe me, check out some of Pitmans goals rom last season.
Nevillez - I've seen goals from Pitman last year, a goal of the week from SKY sports on youtube where he ran round a load of players and slotted the ball past a dispirited keeper being one, but can he do the same against league 1 teams? the difference between league 2 teams and teams like sheffield Wednesday, Plymouth, us, Huddersfield is very very different.. Sheffield Wednesday are a championship side. Never say die attitude is great, but it doesn't always mean that it will get you through the tough fight... just look at Portsmouth, never say die attitude didn't stop them from finishing bottom of the premiership.
Red army comrade
I think that a lot of teams might struggle against those four teams Red army comrade. I also agree with the point that strong minded teams will win games that they shouldn't on paper. That is one of the beauties of our favourite game. All teams can have a bad day at the office. I don't think we will have many of those this season but even if the top six only have three each that is 18 games open for the lesser teams to take.
SFC Forever
I also see five or six teams that will struggle in my opinion this season. Teams like Dagenham and Hartlepool who have limited resourses. Hartlepool will be among the favourites this year and I can see them dropping. I think the initial surge from the Cherries new status will give them a good start and from there they will finish respectably. Cherries will certainly be hoping so anyway. [Edited by SFC Forever]
SFC Forever
Well according to several Cherries fans they could barely fill their Subs bench, and have several players injured which seems to be a regular occurrence, in that respect do they have the depth? I mean if they can only field 3 subs it says a lot about the state of the team surely? even the likes of Tranmere can do that and with the club being financially tied down the likes of Pitman could jump ship before the start of the campaign, leaving their hopes in ruins basically. And based on the anger and hostility as well as the general attitude of a lot of Bournemouth fans that they are going to thrash us, I can't wait to put them in their place so to speak.
Red army comrade
Lol...that goal against Exeter was terrible definding I have to admit, that was from 08/09....I mean 09/10 goals, especially v Burton at home, even Kelvin wouldn't have saved that!! I agree a never say die attitude wont win you games, but its an important part of the overall equation...there's more to it than I can say....what do I know, i'm not Eddie Howe, but the passion and pride our lads play with is there for all to see, and there's more about us than unproven players and has beens...i'm not trying to start a fight, just my opinion. I'm not syaing we'll beat you, but you'll know you've had a game.
I'm not interested in a fight either (I'm bloody useless at them!), and I can see what your saying, anyone can beat anyone.. but we will be up for this and the players will know the pressure associated with this game, and if they do anything like they did against the muffs they will put a lot of goals past you. If both sides go in determined and fighting then quality will be the ultimate decider.
Red army comrade
The one thing that I have noticed is how as we have chatted we have actually been disecting the pros and cons of our two teams chances when we meet. I am confident that we have the defence to do well now. I would still like to see a big strong attack breaker upper for want of a better word. Hammond is ok but both him and Schneiderlin are prone to the odd red card tackle.
Though that said Morgan Schneiderlin showed a lot more last season and with a bit more improvement this could be a magnificent player for us.
I see we have a reply on the Bournemouth site which does much the same as we have. Must have been a blindingly good idea after all.
SFC Forever
"I mean if they can only field 3 subs it says a lot about the state of the team surely?" We had a transfer embargo by the Football League stopping us signing any players for over a year.
and chances are you don't have much money now either?
Red army comrade
''"Most of the Bournemouth team are new to league 1 football" Apart from Jalal, Garry, Cooper, Pearce, Bartley, Pitman, Hollands, Bradbury, Cummings, Fletcher, Pugh, Purches and Symes. regvarney'''' - they hardly did well last time though did they, sure the -10 led to your relegation in the end but there was a reason you were near the bottom. Think you will find that team had a run and a half towards the end of the season and just narrowly missed on staying up.
And the first half of the season? what happened there?
Red army comrade
face it, your team are nothing more than average league 1 at the very best.
Red army comrade

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